Tada’s engaging pop-ups will allow you to collect more email addresses. It’s simple: Offer a coupon code in exchange for an email address.  Great popups for great results: Offer discounts to your visitors in exchange for their email address. You will see email subscribers and sales increase right away with Tada’s gamified and full-screen pop-ups.

Let the old-fashioned, annoying pop-ups be a thing of the past. Visitors won’t resist engaging with well designed pop-ups offering the opportunity to win a big discount. Email marketing has one of the highest ROI among marketing channels and with Tada’s innovative pop-ups, you will be able to truly exploit this strategy.

Generate leads by growing your subscriber list and convert visitors right away. In fact, “winning” a coupon code will tap into your visitors’ psychology and motivate them to buy instantly and buy more.

Tada integrates with Klaviyo and Mailchimp seamlessly. Collect email addresses and keep them organized with your favorite email marketing platforms. The setup is very straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes. But if you do have issues, please send us a message.

As these integrations will allow you to retarget your customers and subscribers with email marketing, you will drive more sales by increasing customer lifetime value and recovering abandoned carts.



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