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Make an Offer

Make an Offer

Make an Offer is a no-code software platform that helps you leverage the negotiation button for collecting emails, offering dynamic pricing, and managing customer offers. The highly optimized conversion tool converts visitors into customers on Shopify stores with a perfect balance of gamification, negotiation, exit-intent pop-ups, and an interactive shopping experience.

Make an Offer allows merchants to add a negotiation button to their product page, that lets the customers submit an offer to buy the product at a lower rate than the list price. Enabling an exit-intent “Make an Offer” button for the product page and/or the cart page allows merchants to collect emails from existing as well as potential customers. Along with that, the interactive ‘Make an Offer’ pop-ups enhance engagement in e-commerce stores and significantly reduce bounce rates.

Make an Offer can take care of low-ball offers so you don’t have to! By setting clear rules that automatically decline offers below a price level of your choosing, you not only save time but also dissociate yourself from the decline (i.e. it is the system, and not the human behind the store turning it down). This also gives much quicker feedback to the customer that their offer is too low and will not be accepted so that they can increase their offer level right away whilst it’s top of mind if their purchase intent is real.

Make an Offer is not just here to ease customer transactions; it is here to help you build a personalized relationship with your customers in the long run.

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