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Imagine you added in your store several partners’ items. You did it with one click without spending a lot of effort and time. It can be complimentary items which are not competitive with goods you already have. Once a customer hits the add to cart button, they have expressed definite interest in that product.Offer them the accessories to go with it, or quick impulse buys that they can purchase without thinking too much.

Collabica is a cross-store platform for beneficial partnerships between retailers and suppliers.
For retailers: Find products from like-minded brands to place in your store & get commission fees for selling each product provided by your partners! Suppliers will ship them directly to customers, and Collabica will assist you with payments and inventory management.
For suppliers: Choose online stores that will represent your products and assign a commission fee for each time they sell your item. Expand your reach and generate new streams of income.
And we also learned that almost all business owners set these goals for themselves:

  • reduce the cost of capturing customers
  • stand out from competitors
  • increase profits
  • reach a new level

By using Collabica we can help them earn more as we focus on meeting these in-demand and mostly unfilled needs.

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