Collection page pricing not show, follow these steps

Our app supports almost all themes. If your theme does not support this app, we recommend contacting our support staff, and they will be happy to resolve this issue.
If you have an understanding of coding, or you are a website developer, please follow the steps mentioned below:
Each theme follows a different coding standard, and also various pricing variable name but most themes have one of the following variables in common:
{{ product.price }}
{{ current_variant.price | money }}
{{ product.price | money }}
{{ product.price_min | money }}
{{ variant.price | money }}
{{ featured.price | money }}
Let supposed your theme use: {{ product.price }}
Do this way:
<span class="specific-pricing" data-variant-id="{{}}" data-variant-price="{{ product.price }}">{{ product.price }}</span>
Use your theme variable in place of: {{ product.price }}
If your theme is customized or not follow any above price variable, contact our support team, we will love to help you in app setup.