Ultimate Checkout Upsell dashboard contains lots of details and configuration of the app. Let’s understand them one by one but before we go to the options directly, let’s have a look at the all option lists here:

  • Action Needed: Shopify requires enabling a new checkout setting in order to show post-purchase promotions. Just select Checkout-Post Purchase Upsell under the “post-purchase page” section.
  • Application status: Enable/Disable the app feature.
  • Pre Purchase Funnels: Lists of the created funnels and come filters of that option.
  • Analytics: Analytics of the app impressions
  • ROI:
  • Funnel Impression:
  • Conversation:
  • AIO Increase:
Actions needed

Action needed is a warning show on the dashboard and settings page to remind you for enabling the Ultimate Checkout Upsell as your pre posts purchase feature.

Application status

You can enable and disable the app from using this setting.

Pre-purchase funnels

Lists of all funnels created and you can see the last 5 added funnels here only and their actions.


Analytics shows you the app performance in graph view. This analytics will show the revenue generated by the app and accepted offers that the number of sales the upsell you’re showing to customers.


This value shows how much you earn from our app by investing in our app.

Funnel impression

Every time when upselling shows after the payment, an impression will be count.


The conversation will be counted when your offers will be got convert into an order.

AIO increase

This shows how our app increases your business by showing the upsells.