Create Subscription Plan

Create a new subscription plan to allow customers to select whether the subscription will be on a daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever plan you like to see for the subscription.
Click on the Create subscription plan to add a new subscription plan and get started. Let’s find the details about how to create a new subscription plan step by step.
Step 1: Add a new plan by clicking on Create subscription plan button from the Subscription plan menu.
ROS - Create Subscription Button
Step 2: Edit subscription plan details
ROS - Edit Subscription Detail

See the result where it shows on the product page.

ROS - Result - Product Page
Step 3: Create a selling plan as per need. Like daily, weekly, and monthly.
ROS - Create selling plan
Let’s take a quick look at the above options:

  • Plan name: Set plan names like Delivery every day, week, or month.
  • Plan description: Add a plan description about the plan what this plan is for.
  • Interval: Set delivery interval should be in the subscription for example 1 day, week, or month.
  • Min number of fulfillment: Minimum number of orders should be created for starting a subscription. For example, if you set to value 2 in this field, customers will get subscriptions after 2 orders.
  • Max number of fulfillment: Maximum number of orders will be placed after selecting the subscription. For example, if set value 5 in this option, customers will get an order till 5.
  • Discount type: Give various discounts to customers on the subscription as None, Percentage, and Fixed amount on their subscription.

Note: Discount will be applied to each order will be created in the subscription. For example, if you set a $2 fixed amount discount so the customer who subscribes to the selected product will get $2 on each order. Suppose if the product amount is $50 and they subscribe to this subscription they will get this product for $48 for each order after subscription.
Step 4: Select the product from the lists for allowing subscription.
ROS - Add Product
Step 5: Review final all steps in one window and Save the plan.
ROS - Finalise subscription