Manage translations

All text translation will be done from here.
There are 3 options are available to make the text translation:

  1. Subscription page
  2. Messages
  3. Contract details

Let’s understand them one by one:

Subscription page

Below are the options available on that page:

  1. Subscription listing page header
  2. Next order date table header
  3. Status table header
  4. Subscriptions id table header
  5. Created on date table header

Text Translation - Subscription Page

Result on the subscription page in my account page

Text Transcription - Subscription Page - Result


Let’s see the options in a screenshot as the options are more than the Subscription page.
ROS - Text Translation - Messages

Contract details

Contract details have 3 tabs with the various options.

  1. Subscription
  2. Schedule subscription
  3. Billing attempts

Let’s understand them one by one


ROS - Text Translation - Contract Details - Subscription

Schedule subscription

Scheduled Subscription Text

Billing attempts

ROS - Billing Attempt Text